I want to give you photos that make you FEEL - photos that bring you back to that exact moment. Your life deserves to be captured authentically. There's no filter or pose that will make your love feel more magical than by just being who you are.  Because there’s nothing more beautiful than all the emotions of two people wildly in love. 

It's not about having the brand new outfit, or the perfect location, or the replicated Pinterest pose - it’s about capturing real moments that can't be repeated. Moments that make your heart race. 

It's the in-between moments, the glances, the first looks,
a memory frozen in time.

it really is the little things

Picking someone to capture the most important days of your life is a big decision. And its a responsibility I do not take lightly. Whether you’re at the start of something new and magical or celebrating how far you’ve come together, you deserve to invest someone who truly values the importance of these memories.

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When we work together, you're not just picking a photographer who will show up and leave. I'm invested in your stories, and nothing makes me happier than to cheer you far after the galleries have been delivered. I want to be there for these milestones in your lives.

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These photos are for YOU. and they should feel comfortable and real to who you are as a couple. I'll guide you through each pose + prompt during our time together, but I'll always ensure that the unique, funky, free-spirited parts of your love shine through your photos. 

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here's mine

before you take your oath

Cue the music, pop the bottle of champagne, dance in the desert, jump in the ocean - do the damn thing. Whatever we end up planning together, basically we’ll just hang out and let the magic happen. 

get wild.

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It’s not just about the day you show up for photos. We’ll start working together from day one to provide insights, resources, location ideas, planning tips, and timelines so that when you get to your wedding or session date, you’ll get to live fully in the moment - stress free. 

get Inspired.

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After you reach out, we’ll FaceTime so I can get to know you and your story - or if you're local we can grab drinks! If we’re a good fit, we’ll save the date with a contract and get the party started. 

get started.

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Absolutely. I'm here to capture love all over the world. All sessions and weddings are unique when it comes to travel costs If you are interested in a quote, send me an email! 

do you travel for weddings? 

Depending on the package you pick, weddings range between 500-1000 photos. For all other sessions, photos delivered range between 60-100+
I aim to deliver as many photos as possible, so  I'll never delete any just because you go over the quoted amount.


For weddings: 8-10 weeks. 
For all sessions: 3-4 weeks

I don't like to rush this process. So although it might take a lil bit of time, know that I am devoted to providing you with the best images possible. 


If you're thinking "yup - I found my photographer" then click on my contact page to fill our my inquiry form. We'll schedule a meeting to talk about all the details, and if you're ready to make it official you'll sign a contract with a 30% retainer to secure your date!  


100% yes. Let me know the time and place and I'll be there. 

can we grab drinks before our session? or after?



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Let's capture your story the way it deserves to be told.

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